Who We Are

Howdy! We’re The Mustard Room. We live a fairly simple life right around the middle of Indiana – Joel, Miranda, Olivia & Nolan. We spend quite a bit of time laughing, dancing, and enjoying an exorbitant amount of coffee. Together, we screen print apparel in our garage and make our own pasta from time to time. These are just a few things we do, but you can find more here.

We believe in a hope greater than our fears. We believe in a Creator who loves us deeply. We believe in love. Also, we are deeply flawed individuals. But that’s okay because aren’t we all.

We do not believe in the hope of a good credit score. We do not believe in the marriage of church and state. We do not believe in outer space. Just kidding. We think outer space is baller.

The Mustard Room was born out of a desire to make things from home with one another for folks who like things made from home. We like screen printing t-shirts, drawing illustrations, and writing songs. Sometimes, however, we might just find ourselves writing illustrations, drawing t-shirts, and screen printing songs.

By the way, we like you.